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Unreal Championship(clan)
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   Ghost Recon
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   Chat Room:
To get to the UG official chat room download
then run the program and
then /join #xbox and you
there. Java chat room coming October 1st. 2003!!
   Welcome to the Xbox Section
  of Ultimate Gamers. To join one
  of the UG clans or Season stop
  by the forum and sign up in the
  game section of the game you
  will be joining. If you wish to run
  your own clan i will gladly set

you up your own section in the
  forum.  For the Seasons please
  list your username, email, and
  top three desired teams. If for
  some reason one of the three
  teams you chose are taken i
  will send you a email with the
  remaining teams to choose

from.  As for the clans you can
  create your own or join one of
  the Two official UG clans for
  each game. 
Coming soon
  Xbox Live FAQ & Setup.